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Buy your new trumpet, your new cornet, or any other wind instrument at the online-shop Trompeten.Online

SPIRI Trumpets

trumpets from switzerland from the workshop of Werner SpiriDuring the last years Werner Spiri and his team have tried hard to expand its assortment of trumpets in cooperation with professional musicians.  

The result is a the world-wide unique trumpet VARIO, which is available in our Trumpet Online-Shop. No detail is left to chance at the Swiss trumpet workshop. The connections of the parts are soldered carefully with silver and tin, materials and thickness of the metal sheets are precisely adjusted.

Even the finishes with silver, gold or clear-lacquer are applied at the workshop of SPIRI, because also this last step of the production can have an influence on the sound of the trumpet.

At Trompeten.Online you can also order the typical mouthpiece from SPIRI in different versions. The mouthpiece has a great volume of sound an has an easy response.

STOMVI Instruments

STOMVI trumpet ELITE, Modell 330 ML For advanced beginners of the art of playing trumpet we recommend the STOMVI instruments ZENITH, FORTE, CLASSICA or ELITE (with increasing demands!).

Already the economic models ZENITH have an easy response and a perfect intonation.

The models FORTE produce a round and soft sound and have received excellent critics from music teachers and music students.

The CLASSICA instruments sound full and rich of resonances, which combines with a well centered and easy response.

The ELITE trumpets can produce a very good lead sound and Big Band sound, and have - like all STOMVI instruments - a pleasant and easy response. The trumpet sounds bright and brilliant, but not at all shrill.

Students and Master instruments with special sound characteristics are available at Trompeten.Online

BRASSEGO Bass trumpet FAT LADY We try hard to provide precise textual information about the sound characteristics of the instruments. Sometimes these descriptions are not easy and some expert might disagree in some details.

There is one thing sure however: all models of wind instruments which we offer in our online-shop did receive very positive evaluations at diverse expert tests.

Don't hesitate to enter our Online-Shop for Trumpeters

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Heavyweight mouthpiece from STOMVI Of course, we transfer the full warranty of the manufacturers for all products in our online-shop Trompeten.Online to our customers. And the price for the offered top instruments is sensational.

Apart from musical instruments you can also acquire accessories like cases for instruments, mouthpieces, training aids etc. at Trompeten.Online!

Your new instrument is in offer at our shop: a Bb-Trumpet, a C-Trumpet, a Piccolo-Trumpet, a High Bb/A-Trumpet, a Eb/D-Trumpet, or a Cornet - Rotary-valves or Perinet-Valves. Select your preferred manufacturer!

And for optimizing your embouchure, we have trainings aids like PUEDO, ENDI, ENIS, myVIBS etc..

This shop is open 24h / 7 days! Look around and find your next musical instrument in our trumpets shop!

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NARTISS Trumpet STOMVI-Trumpet Mahler SPIRI-trumpet Eb/D Concerning the trumpet manufacturer you have the choice in our trumpet-shop between:

  • For sure, your next musical instrument is available in our shop.

    Why do you still hesitate? Online Shopping of trumpets and trumpet accessories is both, efficient and economical!

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    What our customers say:

    Werner S.: Mein Mundstück von SPIRI, das ich bei Ihnen gekauft habe, ist nicht nur optisch ein "Renner". Der Klang meiner Trompete hat sich damit sehr positiv verändert! Ich kann das Mundstück nur empfehlen!
    Dieter H.: Ich habe das Angebot Ihres Online-Shops für Trompeten durchforstet und mein Trauminstrument gefunden: Ein Master 5381 von STOMVI mit den 2 Schallstücken aus Messing und aus Kupfer. Das Instrument ist nicht ganz billig, aber die Informationen über die Bb-Trompete haben mich überzeugt und zur Bestellung veranlasst. Und in der Tat: Das Instrument ist Spitze! Die Beschreibung im Online-Shop war nicht übertrieben.
    Erwin C.: Habe bei euch im Online Shop eine Piccolo-Trompete von BRASSEGO gekauft. Das Model Hoch A/B PICOLETTA mit Singing-Bell-Hämmerung ist vergoldet und mit 4 Drehventilen und einem Trigger für das 3. Ventil ausgestattet. Der Klang ist strahlend aber ohne störende Spitzen im Klangspektrum - ganz wie von BRASSEGO versprochen. Ich mußte zwar auf die Anfertigung etwas warten, aber das hat sich voll und ganz gelohnt. Ein prächtiges Instrument!
    Renate G.: Ein Freund hat mir von den tollen STOMVI-Instrumenten erzählt und ich habe deshalb im Shop Trompeten-Online nach einem Bb-Kornett gesucht. Das Modell Elite 5825 mit einem 124 mm Schallstück-Durchmesser habe ich schließlich bestellt. Die Bestellun, die Bezahlung und Lieferung durch den Shop war einfach und entsprach meinen Vorstellungen. Das Instrument in Händen bin ich sehr zufrieden. Das versilberte Instrument hat eine leichte Ansprache - und ist mit seinen vergoldeten Ventildeckeln schick ausserdem.

    What are you waiting for?

    Piccolo-trumpet from BRASSEGO In our online-shop Trompeten.Online we have exclusively musical instruments for wind musicians.

    For trumpeters we offer Bb-trumpets, C-trumpets, Eb/D-trumpets, Piccolo trumpets, High-Bb/A-trumpets, Cornets as well as accessories for wind musicians.

    For all instruments as well as for the accessories (mouthpieces, training aids, cases, etc.) we provide the full warranty of the manufacturer.

    Visit our Online Shop for trumpets and other musical instruments - and make your dream reality!
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